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With the Coronavirus turning things upside-down all over the world—with many people losing their jobs, not being able to visit with family and friends, or even be able to go to the gym, things can seem pretty uncertain at times.

Being the glass half full type, I’ve always tried to find an upside to less than perfect situations, and with many of my friends and family members having outright lost their jobs, or having taken a serious cut in their wages due to their hours being cut, I got to thinking about all the conversations I’ve had with family and friends over the years about entrepreneurship, and how much they would enjoy the freedom, flexibility and extra income that comes with owning an online business.

Of course, the excuses were usually the same: “I’d love to have my own business, but don’t have the time,” or, “being an online entrepreneur like you would be great, but I don’t know the first thing about making websites, not to mention I wouldn’t know what to sell?”

And these are all valid points. And up until recently, most people didn’t have the time needed to launch an online store, or the expertise needed to start their own online business. But those problems have all been solved now thanks to eCommerce dropshipping!

What is eCommerce Dropshipping?

Two words: Financial Freedom

eCommerce dropshipping is when you take orders from customers through your online store, but don’t keep any products in stock. When you receive an order, big or small, your automated store sends the order to the supplier, and the supplier ships the products directly to your customer. So you sit back and collect the profits, without carrying any inventory or evening having to go to the post office to mail parcels to your customers. Everything is done for you!

Major Benefits of eCommerce Dropshipping:

  • Low start up costs—with no inventory to buy, or brick and mortar store to maintain, your start up costs are low, plus you’re never stuck with inventory that’s not selling.
  • Simple to run—with dropshipping, you don’t have to pack and ship orders, track inventory, or even handle returns. It’s all done for you by your suppliers.
  • Work from anywhere—because your business is an online storefront, you can work from home, the local coffee shop, a friend’s house, or anywhere else with an internet connection. You have complete freedom.
  • Low running costs—because you’re an online storefront, and not a brick and mortar retailer, you’re expenses are very limited… a laptop, internet connection, and any cost associated with running your website.
  • Sell trendy products—you’re not limited to what you can sell, so you can stock your virtual store with the latest trendy, profitable products made available by your suppliers. You pick and choose.

So you’re probably thinking, “This all sounds great, but I still don’t have a degree in computer sciences.” Got it! And believe me when I say, I’m on the same page as you! So for all of us (hands up) who aren’t computer scientists, here the solution you never knew existed:

eCommerce dropshipping website creation and product experts who are ready and willing to get your online store up and running for less than you think!

For your benefit, I’ve highlighted three capable experts below, including their fees, turn around times, and other details so you can get a reasonable understanding of what’s involved, and see just how quickly you can have your eCommerce dropshipping business up and running…

eCommerce Dropshipping Expert #1

First up, well known and trusted eCommerce dropshipping industry expert Declan Maltman, who offers complete done for you service.

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eCommerce Dropshipping Expert #2

Next up, there’s Winston, a 7 figure dropshipper. Winston has been working in the dropshipping industry since 2017, and is highly equipped with all the skills needed to create your next 6 figures eCommerce store.

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eCommerce Dropshipping Expert #3

Finally, Financial Freedom Shopify Expert Mckmain. Mckmain offers three packages to get your eCommerce dropshipping business up and running.

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In Conclusion

As you may have noticed, all of these experts make have their services available on Fiverr, which is a website I’ve personally been hiring talent from for my own business outsourcing needs since 2010. As an early adopter of the platform, I’ve gotten some great work done for far less than if I’d hired large firms to do the work for me.

That being said, I always encourage people to investigate sellers (read reviews, take a look at the work samples, contact in advance, compare similar services, etc.) to make sure you’re not only getting a great deal, but also to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

So what’s your experience with eCommerce dropshipping? Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay safe and keep active!

T. Buburuz

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